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Online Browsing and Learning Safely

Bullying becomes serious issues faced by kids. They can be defenseless in facing this problem, and this will give serious impact. The bullying can occur in many circumstances. Even, in schools, it is possible for the kids to get bullied even if there are teachers. Then, they may also face bullies when they are playing with friends. Simply, kids can become the target of bullying when there is no proper protection or understanding about it. Even, as the technology develops, now there is also cyber bullying. As its name, the bullying does not only exist in the real world, even kids may face the problems in the virtual world. They may get the problems while they are using their social media. In playing games, they may also face the problem. There are many possibilities, and even it is not only limited to the cyber bullying. There are still other possible dangers that may occur while kids are using the access of internet, even when they are browsing to get new information or knowledge. In this case, cyber security becomes important. For parents who also want to know more about this, they can watch the video made by Lido. This video can be found in articles, and this will become good reference to know more about the cyber security. Some points are also pointed out in the discussion below.

Filtering the Websites

Websites become ways to access the information and knowledge. However, this is also the ways for some problems to occur on the kids. This cannot be taken lightly since some websites contain threats and malware that can create serious problems. For adults, this may not be serious problems since mostly they can be more careful. However, some kids may not have this aspect, they tend to click any interesting website for them. In this case, parents should be really careful in telling and guiding the kids, so they can have better understanding. The goal is to let the kids able to filter the website, so they will only access the useful and good websites and avoid the bad ones. Of course, this may not be easy to do since kids may not be able to fully identify the websites. In this case, parents may use some application or antivirus that will be give better protection, so the search engine will only show the recommended and safe websites. This is one of the ways. Then, parents should also keep accompanying the kids while they are browsing. Since they are children, it is parents’ role to guide and protect the kids.

Lido Learning

Preventing Cyber Bullying

Filtering the website is necessary to protect the kids from the bad influence coming from unknown websites. Since they still lack information, it is better to only give them the good contents while keep guiding them. Then, it is also important so the kids will not unconsciously click any links that may lead to some serious issues, such as the data breaching and other else. Since there are now may people who can get the personal data easily, it is important to make sure that there will be chance of data abuse. Next, it is about the cyber bullying. This occurs many times, and there are children who get serious impacts from the bullying. This commonly happen in social media. Chats and comments are the main ways of doing the bullying, and it is can be so harsh. In this case, parents should tell the kids to never add strangers. When they want to have new friends, at least they can add based on the reference of mutual friends. This is safer way since at least they are not fully strangers. Then, in playing games, it is also better to be careful in accessing the chat room, since bad words and even bullying can occur. There are many people with bad intention and influence. It is better to avoid this while the kids still do not know how to respond them.

Lido as Safe Way for Learning

In case parents still feel unsafe to let the kids look for information in the internet, it is better to let them learn through the Lido platform. Lido Learning can provide the safe access for kids in studying. This platform will provide the online class with only six students in each class. This is surely effective for students to learn and they still can get new friends in there. The teachers are also trained professionals who really know how to teach and educate the kids. They will not only learn the subjects, but the teachers may also guide the kids so they can be better persons in the future. Moreover, this is totally safe since there will be no unknown links or other else. The information of each student is also protected well, so there will be no abuse done by other party. By doing so, parents will not need to worry about their kids in learning anymore.