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OSHA 30 Hours Construction Safety Course

Construction safety course

OSHA 30 training is geared toward those who have supervisory responsibilities, such as safeguarding directors, forepersons, and field managers. This 30-hour course covers a wider variety of topics since supervisors are responsible for making sure everyone who works for them abides by the regulations. Construction safety course personnel can take 30-hour courses that are industry-specific to their field (Construction), while everyone else can take General Industry courses.

The course has been organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It is an agency within the Department of Labor that promotes safety awareness at construction sites.

Basics of OSHA 30-Hour Training

Supervisors and employees in safety-related professions, such as those in production, building, manufacturing processes, medical services, and other industries, benefit from OSHA 30-Hour Outreach training. The OSHA 30 training encourages safe and healthy working conditions by teaching employees how to recognize, anticipate, and prevent dangers in the workplace.

Workers who carry out new construction, renovations, or repairs might benefit from the OSHA 30-Hour Construction course. The OSHA 30-Hour General Industry course is advised for supervisors who operate in any sector other than construction, agricultural, or marine. OSHA considers supervisors to be general industry workers.

Course Details

The OSHA 30-hour training course is particularly designed to satisfy the needs of field supervisors, forepersons, and safety directors. This comprehensive training course offers important safety knowledge on OSHA compliance difficulties. Participants get a wallet-sized OSHA 30-hour construction course completion card after finishing the course. Within two weeks after the course’s conclusion, the card is delivered.

There are 21 modules in the course, followed by the orientation, introduction, label, and SDS. At the completion of each module, the participant has to clear the 10-question model quiz. Besides this, the candidate has to score at least 70% on each module test. Each module quiz can be passed three times.

The participant will be shut out of the course if he doesn’t pass the third quiz. Aside from that, the candidate cannot carry on using an online training format for the outreach training after being shut out.

After finishing the module, the candidate has to pass a final exam. The 20-question final exam measures the understanding of the material learned by the participant. The participant must receive at least a 70% on the test in order to succeed. There are three chances to pass the final test. If anyone fails the exam, then he becomes disqualified and locked out of this course.

OSHA 30 DOL Card

The OSHA 30 DOL card is provided after successfully completing the 30-hour program. Furthermore, the card is mailed to the relevant person by mail. Thus, after completing the course, the OSHA 30 DOL certificate can be immediately downloaded.


The OSHA 30-hour training program is designed to protect construction employees, managers, employers, and associated staff. It prevents them from injuries, fatalities, and accidents. The DOL card enables the participants to look for or keep a job in the construction industry. Moreover, the system helps in creating a safer work environment, increased productivity, better morale, and the least risks from accidents.