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Study Tips for Commerce Students at the Time of Exam

Among the many streams students can choose after their 10th board, commerce remains a popular choice. From business administration to chartered accountancy, the commerce stream is known to open doors of opportunities for students who dream of a successful career. Getting a good score in the final exams is one of the major hurdles that every commerce student must cross to pursue their chosen career pathway.

While it may seem quite straightforward, scoring high on the 12th board isn’t as easy as it may sound. With Business Studies, Accountancy, and Economics as primary subjects, students are introduced to complex formulae and theories that can easily overwhelm them. Joining the best commerce classes for coaching that eases off the pressure, but for full-proof exam preparation, you need for than that – you need the right strategy.

Throughout the two years in school, you adopt a way to learn and grasp all the business jargons and concepts. While that’s right in its’ place, you need to improvise a bit for your final exams.

Two things you need to remember before starting your preparation –

  • Though you’ve been studying hard all year, it’s time to study smart now.
  • Learning or understanding a subject is way different from scoring high marks.

Once you realize these two things, you can start working on your method. Three core aspects of perfecting your method would include –

  • Knowing all the important topics
  • Going through the previous year questions
  • Figuring out how to answer questions the right way

Now that you have a method in place, you can start your exam preparation. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of study tips that can help you ace your finals. Keep reading!

Tip 1 – Work on Getting Your Concepts Right

Conceptual clarity is at the heart of every theory and practical paper, so you need to focus on it keenly. If you understand the concepts well, you won’t have trouble answering questions that may come your way. If you’re lagging in your concepts, it’s high time you see commerce classes in Ahmedabad to get a head start on everything. You may not have much time, and you should use all the extra help you can get.

Tip 2 – Keep Practicing As Much As You Can

You know the saying, ‘practice makes perfect,’ and it applies perfectly to commerce students. If you use your spare time to practice more, you will be able to get good marks in your final exam. Because of this reason, the best commerce classes always offer enough exercises for practice that allow you to stay in touch with your concepts.

Tip 3 – Get Your Doubts Cleared

If you’re studying commerce, you’re bound to have doubts. The best way to learn better is to have your doubts cleared immediately. Do not take them home, and definitely never to your examination hall. If you didn’t get to ask your teacher, talk to a peer. Having a study buddy wouldn’t be a bad idea when preparing for your final exams.

Tip 4 – Pay Close Attention to Certain Topics

Though it’s not advisable to do selective studying for your final exams, there are specific topics that require more attention than others. You may also want to skip a section that could make you score poorly. When it comes to Accountancy, certain topics are extremely important. If you want to ace your exams, you need to put extra hours into understanding them.

Tip 5 – Go Through Sample Question Papers

As mentioned earlier, you need to go through the previous year question papers to understand the kind of questions you might get in your exam. Take a look at the last five years’ papers and look for questions that are often being repeated. By solving them, you will significantly increase your chances of getting a high score.

Solving previous years’ papers also has another advantage. By solving them, you can time yourself to work on your time management skill. Take a mental note of how much time you’re spending on each section and see how you can do better.

Tip 6 – Take Notes While Studying

Notetaking is an important habit that will help you tremendously with your revision. You could use sticky notes, highlighters, charts, or memory techniques to take short notes. With the visual cue it offers, you are more likely to remember important points during your exam if you have the habit of taking notes.

Closing Thoughts

Your finals are an essential part of your academic life, which will set the foundation for your future. If you’re having trouble grasping your subjects or want your preparation to be more organized, UKIC online is here to help you out. With highly qualified teachers at our disposal, you can expect top-quality commerce coaching from us. If you wish to find out more, don’t forget to visit us.